Gi2C Helps Young Professionals Get In To China For Internships With Reputed Companies

October 07, 2015
China has a wealth of opportunity available to young professionals currently. This is why so many people are looking to get into the country so that they can experience its business culture up close and personal. Through Gi2C, young professionals are able to put themselves on the fast-track towards making a career for themselves, whether in China or overseas. China is being called a land of opportunity right now by many, which is why s many young people are racing there to compete for internships.

With numerous companies in China looking to go international and operate in the Western world, it makes sense that those companies would be looking to make hires from overseas in order to bridge the cultural and business-world gap. However, companies in China and still largely wary of hiring someone sight unseen from another country. This is why they go through Gi2C Group in order to obtain Western interns.
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Corporate Partners With Gi2C Group Benefit In A Big Way

September 20, 2015
If you are, or represent, a company in China that wants to benefit from the services being offered by Gi2C Group, then it is easy to make contact with the company. They also have information all over their website about how to get involved in their programs. Corporate partners with Gi2C Group benefit in a big way by forging connections with the organization and its interns. The programs allow these companies to attract new, diverse, talent to their companies. Gi2C Group screens the candidates for internships, which means that the recruiting process is made much for effective.
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